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Hello again!

As always, time is flying by; more than two weeks have passed since I lasted posted here, I'm sorry to those who were waiting for pictures, even though you are not many. There will be lots of pictures now, I promise and hereby want to apologize for spamming my subscriber's reading pages like that. ;P

Today I realized that in two weeks I will already be leaving this city, luckily not the country, and it makes me sad. Yes, I think I've really lost my heart here, despite all the ugly sites of life here, the weather and the prices for example. And the pollution. But oh the atmosphere, the buildings, the Liffey, the street art, the pubs,  the stores, the people, the literary site of it all, the Irish countryside, the proximity of the sea which sends a fresh salty breeze for me to enjoy on my way home every afternoon ... how could I not love it all?

Maybe you will understand my feelings looking at my new - old pictures!


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