Jun. 11th, 2009

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Grand Canal Dock
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Grand Canal Dock (Irish: Dúga An Chanáil Mhór) is an area in Ringsend near Dublin city centre, surrounding the Grand Canal Docks, an enclosed harbour or docking area between the River Liffey and the Grand Canal.

It is bounded by the Liffey to the North, South Lotts Road to the East, Grand Canal Street to the South and Macken Street to the West. It contains
Grand Canal Dock railway station (also known as Barrow Street Station) and notable locations in the area include Boland's Mill, the Waterways Visitor's Centre and the Millennium Tower (an apartment building).

Surprisingly that is all Wikipedia has to say on this area, as it a much more interesting place to be than this makes it sound. It is a rather surreal environment featuring modern office and luxury apartment buildings and fancy cafes and stores on one hand but also old, decaying stock houses and lots of contruction sides on the other hand. It is also where the U2 tower is being and more importantly, it is right behind my house. But see for yourself.

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